General information

Video  and overhead projectors will be available for the oral presentations. All oral presentations will have a maximum duration of 15 minutes. All materials should be written in English.



All posters should be written in English.


All posters must be 80 cm wide and 140 cm in height.


The materials for fixing the posters will be provided by the organization.


Proceedings' Submission

The ICPEd’09 Proceedings will be published on CD-ROM. Papers must be e-mailed no later than February, 15th to:


1. Papers must be presented in one of the official languages of the ICPEd’09 (Portuguese, English, and Spanish). Nonetheless, it must always be included an English version of the title and abstract. 

2.  Papers must be e-mailed as a file attachment in a Microsoft Word format (DOC and DOCX formats).  Successful receipt of your paper will be acknowledged by reply email.  Please include your telephone numbers in the email so that you can be contacted if needed.

3.  Do not use page numbers, footnotes, endnotes, the Word markup or auto-format features, or any extraneous formatting.  Do not use any document-level commands that would interfere with the combination of your paper with other papers in a common file.

4.  The paper must start with the full title, centred, in capitals, bold print, underlined, and in 14 point Arial font.  Following a space, each author, university affiliation, and country must be shown in Arial 12 point font, and one author per line.  No titles (Dr., Mr., Mrs. etc.) are to be used, nor should rank be indicated. Two spaces must follow the last author’s name.

5.  Type the heading “Abstract”, justified in Arial 11 point bold.  All full papers must have an abstract of no more than 150 words in Arial 10 point.  The abstract paragraph is not indented and should be right and left justified.

6.  Double space and type the heading “Introduction”, justified in Arial 11 point bold. All major headings must follow this format. Secondary headings must be in italic print left justified, first letter capitalized then lower case, with a space above and below each heading.

7.  Use 11 point proportional font Arial, for the body of the paper and all headings.  Text spacing must be 1.5 lines. Indent the first line five spaces using the tab key.  Use full justification for the text (right and left justified).  Use 3 cm margins all around.  Do not put paper in columns.

8.  Tables, figures, and charts should be produced using Word, if possible, and in Arial 9 point font. Use the Word table function format, or use tab settings and NOT spaces, for table set-up.  In this case the headings must be centred, bold Arial 10 point font. Place all tables, graphs, and figures in the body of the text where you want them to appear (not at the end).

9.  The final heading is “References”. Use APA guidelines. Use Arial 9 point font, hanging indentation with 1.27 cm.

10.  FULL PAPER submissions must be limited to 30 single-spaced A4 pages, including references.

11.  Submissions not following the above instructions will be returned to the author for corrections. Please follow the instructions in this guideline so that we will have an attractive and readable proceedings publication, and a smooth process in producing it.